Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Open Day

10am. The banners are up, the balloons have been blown up by the girls. The goody backs are lined up in an orderly fashion. I'm even wearing a suit (No tie of course)
No-one, Zip, Zilch! Just us and the tumbleweed. My bottom lip is quivering and the dummy is close to being spat out. "Cup of tea ?" asks Julie again.
"whose stupid idea was this open day?" I grumble.
"Yours!" comes the unanimous reply.
12 noon. A nice lady pops her head around the door. She is instantly pounced upon (metaphorically) and given "The Tour". Chris from Coffee Costes http://www.coffeecostes.com/ across the road pops over with a tray of smoothies to tempt in the punters. One turns into two turns into three... The girls are out on the street giving away freebies and the lunchtime curious are coming in thick and fast. For two and half hours we are rammed. Person after person. I can't quite fathom where everyone is coming from. It's the hottest day of the year and following huge financial investment in aircon, how happy am I to hear "Wow it's so cool in hear"

This was one of my happiest days in dental business and I didn't even pick up a drill or fix a dodgy molar. 15 new bookings have been taken (They have all since joined us as members) and 60 business cards have been left in our raffle. The ripple effect has since brought more patients to our practice. It is an honour to think that our patients will return to their place of work and make a recommendation for others to come and see us. I never take this for granted and I see it as a reflection of our fantastic team and their commitment to the practice. I am very lucky that I work in an environment that energises me with people I really like and I have the best job in the world.