Saturday, 27 March 2010

white fillings and personal motivation

I went on a dental course yesterday. How thrilling! but I actually learnt a lot in a very short space of time. The dental press is littered with hundreds of courses which usually go on for days and after my Implant Diploma I can't face that. My dental course attention span is now on a par with "goldfish memory". (By the time they swim around their fishtank they have forgotten what happened 30 seconds ago so it always looks like something new ) However within 2 hours I had learned about all the latest funky white fillings and restored some broken plastic teeth back to shiny new ones with all the clever realistic details. Mr Plastic head was delighted...I think. He didn't say so as such but I could just tell!

We are having another OPEN DAY on MONDAY 19TH APRIL. Lots of goodies and freebies to hand out and of course the usual niceness and friendly advice from the team..

Personally I am struggling to get back on the bike for my Saturday morning rides. Yes the bad weather didn't help but the 6.30 am start in the dark seems less appealing than 14 toggs of warminess. Also I live in fear of breaking a leg before my skiing holiday which I soooooo look forward to. My fav thing in the world (along with curry, steak, rugby, Bathams beer and Reserva Rioja) is being up a mountain on skis. Damned expensive but the family has been told that there's no hot holiday as well. Hence our camping in West Wales, which is fab unless the sideways rain comes in over the sea. In Wales? Surely not!