Tuesday, 24 May 2011

channel 4 dispatches

Interesting programme last night on channel 4 about NHS dentistry. I noticed that the undercover reporters were after root canal treatment in March when the dentists NHS funding was all gone and they were supposed to do hours of more complex treatment for free. I know ultimately they have signed the contracts so they should do it but I think this crazy system of funding should be partly accountable. Of course no one feels sorry for dentists (and why should they) but I suppose for anyone running a business where costs are going up (VAT etc) and fees are going down they get put in these difficult situations. This is the reason that I turned down my NHS contract. I dont have this dilema and if someone needs treatment I can tell them what is needed and how much it costs. I beleive that this way my patients are better served but I'm sure the debate will go on.