Monday, 21 September 2009

£400 quid anyone??

I had decided to embrace technology furhter and take it to a new level (for me anyway) by buying two i phones. (one for Mrs M. She wouldn't have it if I was waving it under her nose and poo pooing (is this a word?) her dodgy Motorolla)
Now in this current economic climate, I suspected that I would be man handled by sales staff spotting my "willing to buy" body language. A guaranteed sale, ney, two sales and presumably twice the comission for half the time. Simples!
As I entered the o2 shop my "indifferent sales staff" antenae were starting to twitch. Female assistant reluctant to make eye contact, begrudgingly says "Hi". Silence.....
Ok I get it, it's the low pressure, soft sell technique. I can live with that.
"I would like to buy two (smug expression) business rate i phones please"
"Have you got a bank statement, headed paper and credit card"
" Yes but not the headed paper, is that a problem"
"yes, you can't have them then" Silence, awkward smiling.....tumbleweed swirls by...
That would have been it. Had it not been for the fact that I really wanted one and I have no choice other than the o2 shop for the business tariff, that assistant would have delivered the "computer says no" moment and waved me off to "fones4nufink" or one of their competitors.
The moral of the story being unless you have a service that people desperately want (which by the way doesnt apply to dentistry-surprise, surprise) beware the assassins within your midsts.