Friday, 18 March 2011

Practice Visit to WS4 Dental

We had a great day last Friday visiting out friends at WS4 Dental in Walsall. Dr Kaderbhai and Will Murphy have worked together providing implants for a number of years now and decided that the two practices should meet up for some informal proffesional development.

Will who lectures in Dental Implants gave a short talk to the staff about the provision and benfits of Implant therapy. Then the staff spent some time discussing the different types of implant treatment. They discussed situations where one tooth or multiple teeth could be replaced by dental implants.

Jenni's Orthodontic Experience

We now have our very own Specialist Orthodontist. Dr Ratakonda is a Specialist in Orthodontics and Facial Orthopaedics. This means that he has trained to the very highest level in his field. With the advent of clear braces becoming so popular,we felt that it was important to have someone who knows when these forms of treatment are appropriate. More importantly he knows when this form of treatment is NOT appropriate. It is often thecase that many patients will get a much better job (straighter teeth) by having wire braces than the clear gum shield ones. We feel that it is important that all practitioners are trained in all forms of Orthodontics so that they can choose the right braces for their patients. Don't worry though, these wire braces can be hidden behind the teeth (Incognito Braces) or we can use white brackets to make things look less intrusive.

In order to "walk the walk", Jenni has undergone a fitting of Ceramic Brackets. She will also keep us updated on her treatment through this blogg and our newsletter.

"The fitting of the braces was really very quck. No more than 20 minuites. The process didn't hurt but for the first few days my teeth have felt a little tender. Things have setteld down now and I just have to remember to do all my proper cleaning"